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Level 3 Judges are capable of judging 4-H Regional Shows, County Shows & International assignments.

Dean Karn

Western District
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Dean Karn along with his wife Karen and family operate Karnview Holsteins in Woodstock, Ontario. Dean was also previously involved in Karnvilla, a Master Breeder herd which strives to balance a breeding strategy of type and production. Karnvilla was the home of the Karnvilla Shychief Roxe family, who was Nominated Canadian Cow of the year in 2007 and Nominated Global Cow of the Year in 2008. Karnvilla has had many All-Canadian awards and genetics exported worldwide.

Dean has had the opportunity to judge multiple 4-H Shows, County Shows, and Breeders’ Cups throughout Ontario. Additionally, he has had the privilege to judge internationally in Peru and Portugal. In 2014, Dean received the Oxford 4-H Volunteer Award where a tree was planted to honour his contribution to 4-H.

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