Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund

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The Dairy Youth Trust Fund is a registered charity with the goal of helping to develop the youth in the dairy industry to ensure Ontario’s strong future in agriculture. Today’s youth are the most important resource we have as an industry and they need to be recognized as such,  fostered to develop the skills they need to maintain and strengthen the dairy industry into the future. Established in 1994, the Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund has been doing just that.  Trustees of the Trust Fund are a responsible group of nine individuals who are committed to ensuring sound financial management and to providing opportunities for dairy youth.

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The Trust Fund supports the following:

large_2008 Team.jpgOne winner from each of the four districts across the province is selected to go to Madison, Wisconsin for the World Dairy Expo. The four winners, aged 25-35 are selected based on their involvement on the farm, commitment to leadership as well as showing that they have made a contribution to their community as well as to their breed. Giving some of our best young dairy farmers a chance to see the biggest cattle show in the world gives them an opportunity to network and learn from world leaders as well as a chance to see the bigger picture of the world dairy industry and how Canada fits in.  This program saw its first group of young people chosen in 1981 and it's very rewarding to see just how many are still in business and how they have developed into contributing members of the industry.


large_4hintercounty.jpgFour winners are selected from this competition and sent to the World Dairy Expo to represent Ontario in the National 4-H Dairy Judging Competition. These four youth gain valuable judging skills along the way and learn from some of the best judges in North America. The four winners are not the only ones who gain valuable skills because of Inter-County. All those that participate learn about evaluating cattle and more importantly, why we evaluate cattle to continue to breed the world’s best here in Ontario. This competition is also a great way for dairy youth to network with each other and learn from one another, strengthening the bond we have as an industry, starting with the youth.


large_Showmanship Champs for web (1).jpgThe Trust fund supports 4 junior shows across the province. these shows are for 4-H’ers aged 10-13, and are geared to create a keen interest in dairy at a young age by creating a fun, educational program centered around dairy cattle. These shows have had a phenomenal response in years past and are a large part of maintaining the size of 4-H dairy clubs in Ontario as kids get older. The participants get to show their calves and compete against each other while learning from more experienced 4-H members as well as people in the dairy industry.



The Trust Fund is honoured to provide scholarships for youth committed to helping the future of the dairy industry. By helping these youth gain further education, we can make sure they are equipped to tackle the problems that the dairy sector is sure to face in years to come.

The Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund is a Non-Profit, charitable organization that is funded solely through donations from industry as well as private donations. Each year, the Trust Fund spends over $30,000 in maintaining its programs for the youth of our industry. Donations are valuable to help not only in maintaining current programs, but to expanding and starting new programs to further assist our youth. The reach of this program is immeasurable and has already helped so many young people who are now becoming pillars in the dairy industry.   Tax receipts are issued to donors with special recognition also made to those of various levels of support.  The Trust Fund provides an opportunity for individuals, families or organizations to make simple, effective charitable donations.

There are many ways you can help out the Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund, you may choose one of these ways:

  • Gifts of Cash
    • With gifts of cash, you receive a donation receipt for the full amount.
  • Gifts of Securities
    • With gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, shares, you will receive a donation receipt for the market value of the securities on the date of transfer to the Trust Fund.  The faxable gain on gifted securities transferred in-kind is 0%.
  • A Bequest in Your Will
    • Leaving a gift in your will is the most common form of planning giving.  You return full control of your assets and your estate receives a donation receipt that can be used to reduce income tax payable by the estate.
  • Life Insurance
    • A gift of life insurance can make a large impact at a modest cost.  By naming the Ontario Dairy Youth Trust Fund as owner and beneficiary of the policy, you receive a donation receipt for the policy’s cash value and any future premiums you pay.
  • Gifts of Real Estate or Other Assets
    • Real estate or other assets, such as privately-held companies or works of art, may also be given to the Trust Fund.  A donation receipt will be issued for the fair market value of the gift.


Special Thanks To Accumulated Donations:

Diamond V Sponsors($80 000+)

  • Bruce and Isabel Risebrough

Diamond IV Sponsors($55 000-$79 999)

  • John Deere Ltd.
  • Bruce Witmer

Diamond III Sponsors($35 000-$54 999)

  • Grenville Mutual Insurance Co.

Diamond II Sponsors($20 000-$34 999)

  • Dumfries Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Barbara Ford

Diamond Sponsors($10 000-$19 999)

  • OAC College Classic
  • EastGen/Gencor
  • Genervations
  • Ontario 4-H Council

Platinum Sponsors($5000-$9999)

  • Parmalat (formerly Ault Foods)
  • C.I.B.C. (Toronto)
  • TD Bank
  • Canadian Livestock Photography
  • C.I.B.C. (Oxford Branches)
  • Battlefield Cat
  • Murrell Bauman
  • Phyllis MacMaster

Gold Sponsors($2500-$4999)

  • Township of Cavan, Millbrook, North Monaghan
  • E.B.I.
  • Royal Bank
  • Scotiabank
  • ABS Global (Canada) Inc.
  • Hanover Hill Holsteins
  • Brian Coleman
  • Marg Dobbin
  • Bertram Stewart
  • Lowell Lindsay
  • Bea Snyder
  • Grand Valley Fortifiers

Silver Sponsors($1000-$2499)

  • Weavercroft International
  • Met Life (now The Mutual Group)
  • K-W Foundation
  • Ralston-Purina (Eastern Ontario)
  • Alta Genetics
  • Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance
  • Gay Lea Foods
  • C.I.B.C. (Eastern Ontario)
  • Select Sires
  • Bell City Jerseys
  • John Buckley                  
  • Allan Miller                  
  • Mary Poirier                    
  • Lorna Kettles                
  • Bosdale (Ed & John Bos)         
  • Janet and Jake Ringelberg        
  • Paul Larmer      
  • Sally and Robt. Medwell    
  • Bill Edelstein          
  • Altona Lea Farms (The Barkey’s)   
  • Murray Reissner         
  • Riverdown Holsteins       
  • Ken & Marie McNabb           
  • Peter Fennema          
  • Joel Bagg                 
  • Clarence Diefenbacher      
  • John Larmer                
  • Walkerbrae (Jim, Brent, Scott)   
  • Ken Empey      
  • Edward Burnside
  • Susan Brethet
  • Terry Beckett
  • Brenda & Russell Bennett
  • Jean Hess

Bronze Sponsors($500-999)

  • The Holstein Journal
  • Farm Credit Corporation
  • Ralston Purina (Woodstock)
  • Shore Holsteins Corp. Int.
  • Tavistock Dairy Sales
  • Walker Dairy Sales
  • Brant Federation of Agriculture
  • McIntosh Embryo Transfer
  • Erin Ag Society
  • Canadian Dairy Expo
  • PMT
  • Valent Canada
  • Floradale Feed Mill
  • TD (Eastern ON)
  • Mark Cullen
  • Bond Haven Farms
  • Donald Cleave
  • Hardy Shore
  • Bev Spriel
  • Robert Shore
  • Agro Bros. Estate 
  • Jeff McNabb
  • Dean and Carol Warner (Ronbeth)
  • Hessholm Holsteins
  • Joanne & Wayne Gregson
  • Earl Osborne 
  • Steve Fraser 
  • Ebyholme Farms Ltd.
  • Fradon Farms Ltd.
  • Geoff Innes 
  • Doug & Mary-Ann Peart
  • Quinndale Holsteins
  • Gary Cain
  • Gordon Dodge 
  • Stephen Van Winden
  • Jason French
  • Robert Jarrell
  • Alan McPhedran
  • Carol Murphy
  • Jennifer Peart
  • ​Bruce and Debra Whale