EYBS Selection

The European Young Breeders School (EYBS) is an international competition taking place annually in Battice, Belguim at the end of August/early September. The event consists of 3 days of training and 2 days of competition, and hosts 120 participants from around the world aged 13 to 25.

To qualify for the 2020 year, participants must achieve one the following:

  • 2018 or 2019 Overall Champion at any of the 3 EastGen provincial events (East, West & Challenge), OR;
  • 2018 or 2019 Inter-County Judging Competition Top Senior, OR;
  • 2019 Showmanship Champion of Junior All-Ontario Show in Woodstock, OR;
  • 2019 Ontario exhibitor placing in the top 10 of each showmanship class at the TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic in Toronto (***applicant must be over 13 years of age).

Should you qualify in one of the above shows, you are invited to apply to earn one of two Ontario positions on the Canadian team for 2020.

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 EYBS, our 2020 winners will be provided the opportunity to attend the 2021 competition instead.