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Jamie Howard

Western District
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Jamie Howard was born and raised in Flemingsburg, Kentucky where his career in the dairy industry began through the ownership and operation of Howard-View Holsteins. Although just a small herd of 35-40 registered Holsteins, it carried the honour of being the 8th Highest Classified Herd (BAA) in the United States from 2006-2007. Presently, Jamie operates Howard-View Holsteins from his family’s small hobby farm in Burgessville, Ontario as a small breeding establishment while serving as the EastGen Regional Sales Manager for Western Ontario. He has become recognised for the development of national show-level animals and the marketing of elite genetics world-wide. Even in his free time, Jamie remains active in the dairy industry, as he invests his time supporting his children, Madison, Morgan and McKenzie, alongside his wife, Angela, and coaching them in dairy judging and showmanship in 4-H. Jamie has had ample personal experience in dairy judging, being 2nd High Individual in the 4-H Judging Contest at the 1985 World Dairy Expo and judging numerous shows encompassing several dairy breeds, ranging from county to state championship level. He also actively remains on the judging list for the Holstein USA.

4-H Assignments: 1998 Kentucky State Fair Junior B. Swiss, Ayrshire, Holsteins Shows; 2003 Tennessee State Junior Holstein Show; 2005 Indiana State Junior Holstein Show; 2017 Kentucky State Fair Junior M. Shorthorn, B. Swiss, Holstein, Red & White Holstein Show; Embro Fair; Elgin 4-H Show.
County Show Assignments: Elgin County Show; Over 25 County Shows in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.
Championship/Regional Show Assignments: 1997 Regional B & W Show in Grand Rapids Michigan; 2001 District B & W Show in Warren Ohio; 1999 Kentucky State Fair Open B. Swiss Show; 2003 Kentucky State Fair Open Ayrshire Show; 2005 Kentucky State Fair Open B. Swiss Show; 2008 Indiana State Fair Open Holstein Show.

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